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  • Placed in Birlasoft with a package 6.4 LPA
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Best PHP Training In Noida | Leading PHP Training Institute In Noida

No doubt Sky InfoTech is one of PHP Training in Noida. We have the best MNCs trainer who provides the best practical knowledge during PHP course through their years of experience and live projects so that students gain professional skills and easy to hired by the best MNCs.  Sky InfoTech design PHP course as per the latest technologies and development in the Industry and their requirement. SkyInfotech is PHP Training in Noida.

Sky InfoTech is the reliable and consistence PHP Training in Noida with their 100% placement assistance. We provides excellent learning environment, well-furnished infrastructure and advance lab facilities which make our institute is one of the best in Noida. The flexibility with the time in Sky InfoTech is the best part, we conduct our classes every day, at weekend, in anytime of the day and also we train with fast-track classes. Sky InfoTech has a dedicated placement team, which provides mandatory placement training which make the student enough capable to face the interview challenges at the time of recruitment.

Syllabus of PHP Training in Noida in the Sky InfoTech has been customizable in such a way to basic to advance. It design by keeping in mind the latest development and requirement of industry. The content of our institute is PHP Training in Noida that fulfill the requirement of both the professional and the beginner as well. We will start what is PHP and tell about every tinny information in our live project class. We will talk about cloud services, provisioning resources, storing PHP, simplifying the PHP base infrastructure and much more that make you professional to achieve your career goals.

What is PHP?

PHP is a scripting language that is included in the script. Used to create dynamic websites or web applications orA static websites. PHP means Hypertext Pre-Processor, which was previously highlighted for Personal Home Pages.

It can only be translated into PHP scripts on a server installed on PHP.

Computers that access PHP scripts only need a web browser.

The PHP file contains PHP tags and ends with the .php extension.

What is the scripting language?

A script consists of a series of programming instructions that are interpreted at runtime.

A scripting language is a language that translates scripts at runtime. Scripts are usually embedded in other software environments.

The purpose of scripts is usually to improve performance or to perform tasks for an application.

The server side posts are commented on the server, and the scripts written by the client are interpreted through the client application.

PHP is a server-side script that is interpreted on a server, whereas JavaScript is an example of a client-side script interpreted by a client browser. Both PHP and JavaScript can be embedded in HTML pages.

What does PHP mean?

PHP means – Personal homepage, but now it stands for the recursive backronym PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.

PHP code can be embedded in HTML code or used in combination with various web template systems, web content management systems, and web frameworks.

PHP syntax


Echo ‘Hello World’ ;


A PHP file can also contain tags like HTML and client-side scripts like JavaScript.

  • HTML is an added benefit when learning the PHP language. You can also learn PHP without knowing HTML, but it is recommended that you somehow know the basics of HTML.
  • DBMS database management systems for database-based applications
  • For more advanced topics like interactive applications and web services, you need JavaScript and XML.

Why learn PHP?

PHP started as a small open source project that continued to grow as more people learned how useful it was. Rasmus Lerdorf published the first version of the PHP method in 1994.

PHP is a MUST for students and professionals working to become a good software engineer, especially if they work in web development. I will list some of the main benefits of PHP learning:

  • PHP is a recursive abbreviation for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”.
  • PHP is a scripting language that is embedded in HTML in the server script. It is used to manage dynamic content, databases, session tracking, and even the creation of entire e-commerce websites.
  • It is integrated into many popular databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • PHP is very quick to implement, especially when it is compiled as an Apache module on the Unix side. The MySQL server was started once and carried out even complex queries with a large number of results in record time.
  • PHP supports a variety of basic protocols such as POP3, IMAP, and LDAP. PHP4 has added support for Java and distributed object architectures (COM and CORBA) so that n-levels can be developed for the first time.
  • PHP forgiveness: The PHP language tries to be as forgiving as possible.
  • The PHP syntax is C-like.

PHP features

Five key features enable the practical nature of PHP –

  • Simplicity
  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Flexibility
  • Family

Meet The Experts

  • The course consultants of SkyInfotech for PHP technologyare highly qualified that holds the experience of more than 10 years and are the most valued person of their companies.
  • Trainers of the institute always work on real time projects and remains updated with all the latest IT technologies. They make sure that trainees are under the right guidance and are trained well. Making SkyInfotech PHP Training in Noida.
  • The best thing about SkyInfotech is that they always stay connected with other IT industries which are a big advantage for students as they get offered for various openings in IT industries.
  • They take all their students personally and train them professionally through live projects.
  • Our SkyInfotech is PHP Training in Noida and they hire industry experts for training of PHP.

Placements : Major Point of Discussion

  • SkyInfotech guarantees the placement of every single trainee PHP Training in Noidafrom each batch and has maintained the 100% record of every given placement from past many years.
  • SkyInfotech has placed candidates with top MNCs like Infosys, KPMG, CSC, EXL etc. making us one of the top 10 PHP Training in Noida.
  • After 70% completion of the course candidates are also trained for face to face interviews just to improve their skills and number of interview referrals is provided to the candidates till the final placement takes place.
  • Along with PHP Training in Noida, regular test and interview sessions takes place and candidates is also being guide for resume developments.
  • SkyInfotech is content PHP course and take care of all students that they achieve their career goals through the SkyInfotech’s best placement faculty.
  • SkyInfotech connects with Skyjobs portal and that is why our students get placement easily and quickly and this is the biggest reason to PHP Training in Noida.

Reasons to join SkyInfotech:

  • SkyInfotech announces with please that around 1000s of candidates are placed in top most popular MNCs in last 15 years.
  • SkyInfotech offers the training with well defined modules.
  • Infrastructure of SkyInfotech is developed where each classroom is equipped with AC and has well-efficient labs where students are provided with computers for practice.
  • Classes at SkyInfotech are highly flexible that takes place on both weekdays & weekends between 9AM to 6PM.
  • Experts of SkyInfotech prepare candidates for interviews with the accordance of IT industries.
  • Along with comprehensive training SkyInfotech also focuses on interview sessions, tests presentations at regular and weekly intervals.
  • Along with comprehensive training, SkyInfotech is PHP Training in Noida which also focuses on interview sessions, test presentations at regular and weekly intervals.
  • SkyInfotech PHP Training in Noida for the last 17 years and provides PHP training in 70:30 ratio where 70% portion cover by practically and 30% portion cover by theoretically that is also a most important part in the training.
  • SkyInfotech provides PHP Training in Noida.
  • PHP course fee is a very convenient and affordable in SkyInfotech.

HTML 5                                                                                              

  • Introduction to HTML5
  • Various Elements
  • Canvas
  • Geolocation
  • Input types


CSS 3                                                                                                

  • Css introduction
  • CSS Syntax
  • CSS Id & class
  • Css styling
  • Styling Background
  • Styling Text
  • Styling fonts
  • Styling links
  • Styling tables



  • Js introduction
  • Js comments
  • Js functions
  • Js for loop
  • Js while loop
  • Js try catch and throw


Introduction to PHP                                                                         

  • The Origin of PHP
  • Saving data for later
  • Receiving user input
  • Repeating code


Basic PHP Development                                                                 

  • Changing type with Set type
  • Operators
  • Variable manipulation
  • Dynamic variables
  • String in PHP


  • Defining a function
  • Returning value from function
  • User-defined functions
  • Dynamic function calls
  • Variable scope


  • Array function’s


  • String function’s

 Working With the File System                                                                    

  • Creating and deleting a file
  • Reading and writing text files
  • working with directories in PHP
  • checking for existence of file
  • Determining file size
  • Opening a file for writing, reading, or appending
  • Writing Data to the file
  • Reading characters

Working With Forms                                                                       

  • Forms
  • Super global variables
  • Importing user input
  • Accessing user input
  • File upload and scripts

 Working with Regular Expressions                                                                

  • The basic regular expressions
  • PCRE
  • Matching patterns
  • Finding matches

 Introduction To Database                                                                           

  • Connecting to the MYSQL
  • Selecting a database
  • Finding out about errors
  • Adding data to a table
  • Acquiring the value
  • Finding the number of rows
  • Inserting data


  • The anatomy of a cookie
  • Setting a cookie with PHP
  • Deleting a cookie
  • Creating session cookie


  • what is session
  • Starting a session
  • Working with session variables

 Disk Access And Mail                                                                                 

  • Session handling
  • Random numbers
  • File upload
  • E-mail in PHP

Advanced PHP


Object Oriented Programming in PHP 5                                                   

  • Introduction
  • Defining classes
  • Objects as datatypes
  • Inheritance
  • Encapsulation
  • Constructor and Destructor
  • Overriding Functions
  • Abstract Classes


  • Introduction to XML
  • XML structure
  • Introducing XML in PHP



  • Method and Properties of XML Http Request
  • Application of AJAX in web application



  • Introduction to jquery
  • Jquery syntax
  • Jquery selector
  • Jquery events
  • Jquery effects
  • Jquery traversing
  • Jquery callback

Content Management System

Joomla (Latest Version)                                                                              

  • Introduction
  • What’s new in joomla
  • WAMP setup
  • Joomla Installation
  • Structures and Terms
  • Managing Contents
  • Structure your Content with Categories
  • Website and Content Configuration
  • Templates
  • Users and Permission
  • Extension Management
  • Modules
  • Plug-Ins


  • An Overview of Drupal
  • Installing Drupal
  • Configuring a Basic Drupal Web Site
  • Adding Content Types and Fields
  • People, Roles, and Permissions
  • Enabling and Configuring Core Modules
  • Essential Contributed Modules
  • Theming a Drupal Website



  • An Overview of WordPress
  • Installing WordPress
  • Configuring a Basic Wordpres Web Site
  • Adding Content Types and Fields
  • People, Roles, and Permissions
  • Enabling and Configuring Core Modules
  • Essential Contributed Modules
  • Theming a WordPress Website

Web Application Framework


Understanding of MVC architecture                                                               

  • Understanding Controller
  • Understanding Model
  • View


Overview of Cake PHP                                                                    


Mock Interviews (Including Project’s on core and Advance)

What is duration and fees for this Course?

With approximate range between 2 to 3 months, there are more options like fast track training and online training options are also available. Fees is reasonable according to market and industry standards.

Who Should do this course?

Anybody with prior domain knowledge in respective fields can get into PHP. Precisely functional and technical have respective fields in PHP.

What are the payment options available?

Different payment options are available suiting your needs. We accept credit cards, debit cards cheque cash , netbanking, money wallets.

Will I get a Job after the course? How?

With tieup through our job consultancy firm, SkyJobs, we make sure each and every candidate in placed with a top tier firm.

With guaranteed results from last 17 Years, we make you stand out in the market with hands on knowledge and better understanding of current scenarios in the market, in turn helping your to automatically get placed with MNCs.