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Syllabus of Software Testing Training in Noida in the Sky InfoTech has been customizable in such a way to basic to advance. It design by keeping in mind the latest development and requirement of industry. The content of our institute is Software Testing Training in Noida that fulfill the requirement of both the professional and the beginner as well. We will start what is Software Testing and tell about every tinny information in our live project class. We will talk about cloud services, provisioning resources, storing Software Testing, simplifying the Software Testing base infrastructure and much more that make you professional to achieve your career goals.

What is testing?

Testing involves evaluating a system or its components to determine whether it meets the specified requirements or not. In simple terms, the test implements a system to identify gaps, errors, or missing requirements that conflict with actual requirements.

According to the ANSI / IEEE 1059 standard, a test can be defined as the process of evaluating a computer software element, identifying differences (ie defects / errors) between existing and required conditions, and evaluating the properties of a software element.

Who tests?

This depends on the process and the relevant stakeholders of the projects. In the IT industry, large companies have a team responsible for evaluating software that has been developed in the context of the given requirements. Also, developers run a test called Unit Testing. In most cases, the following professionals are involved in testing a system as much as possible:

  • Software tester
  • Software developer
  • Project manager/manager
  • End-user

Different companies have different tasks for people testing software based on their experience and knowledge, e.g. software quality assurance engineer, QA analyst, Software tester, etc.

It is not possible to test the software at any point during the cycle. The next two sections indicate when the test should start and when it should end during the SDLC.

When should testing begin?

Starting the trial version early will reduce the cost and time required to rebuild and build the software without delivering errors to the customer. In the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), however, the evaluation can start from the compilation requirement phase and continue via the software deployment.

This also depends on the development model used. In the waterfall model, for example, formal tests are carried out in the test phase. In the supplementary model, however, the test is carried out at the end of each addition/change and the entire application is tested at the end.

The tests are carried out in different forms in each phase of the SDLC –

  • During the recruitment phase of the request, the test and verification requirements are also considered a test.
  • Design assessment in the design phase to improve the design is also considered a test.
  • The test performed by a developer during code completion is also classified as a test.

When should the process be stopped?

It is difficult to determine when to cancel the test because testing is an endless process and no one can say that the software has been 100% tested. The following aspects should be considered to stop the testing process:

  • Test periods
  • Completion of the implementation of the test case
  • Completion of the scope of services and the code at a certain point
  • The error rate drops below a certain level and no errors with high priority are identified
  • Management decision

Software test myths

There are some Myths given below about Software testing-

Myth 1: Testing is too expensive

Reality – There is a saying: Payless for testing during software development or more for maintenance or later correction. Early testing saves time and money in many ways. However, reducing costs without testing can result in a flawed design of a software application, rendering the product ineffective.

Myth 2: Testing is time-consuming

Reality – During SDLC phases, testing is never a waste process. However, diagnosing and correcting errors found in proper diagnosis is a timely but productive activity.

Myth 3: Only fully generated products tested

Reality – There is no doubt that the test depends on the source code, but the test requirements and the formulation of the test cases are independent of the generated code. However, the way of differentiation or improvement as a life cycle development model can reduce the test dependency of the fully developed software.

Myth 4: Possible test completed

Reality – A problem occurs when a customer or tester believes a full test is possible. It is possible that all paths were tested by the team, but it was never possible to create the full test. There may be some scenarios that the test team or client will not run during the software development lifecycle and that can run after the project is deployed.

Myth 5: A tested software has no errors

Reality – This is a common myth that customers, project managers, and the management team believe in. Nobody can say with absolute certainty that a software application is 100% error-free, even if a tester with very good testing skills has tested the application.

Myth 6: The lack of defects is due to testers

Reality – This is not a suitable way to hold testers responsible for errors that remain in the application after the test has been performed. This myth relates to the time, cost, and requirements that change the confirmations. However, the test strategy can also result in errors being overlooked by the test team.

Myth 7: Tests are responsible for product quality

Reality – This is a common misconception that only the tester or test team should be responsible for the quality of the product. The responsibilities of the tests include identifying errors with stakeholders and deciding whether to fix the error or publish the software. The timely release of software puts the testers under greater pressure as they can be held responsible for errors.

Myth 8: Test Tests must be used as often as possible to shorten the time

Reality – Yes, test automation indeed shortens the test time, but it is never possible to start a test drive during software development. Test tests should begin when the software is tested manually and is stable to a certain extent. Also, automatic tests cannot be used if the requirements change constantly.

Myth 9: Anyone can try a software application

Reality – People outside of the IT industry even think and believe that anyone who can test software and tests is not a creative job. However, testers know that this is a myth. If you think of alternative scenarios and try to crash software to investigate potential errors, the person who generated it cannot.

Myth 10: The tester’s only job is to find bugs

Reality – Finding bugs in software is the job of testers, at the same time they are experts in the field of certain software. Developers are responsible only for the component or area assigned to them. However, the testers understand the entire functionality of the software, the dependencies, and the effects of one module on another.

Meet The Experts

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Placements : Major Point of Discussion

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  • Software Testing course fee is a very convenient and affordable in SkyInfotech.


  • History of software Engineering
  • Models of Software Engineering

             Waterfall model

             Prototype Model

             Spiral Model etc.

  • Software Quality Testing, History of Software testing
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC

  • Software Testing Methodologies

             White Box

             Black Box

             Grey Box

Assignment based on the previous lectures

  • Terms related to Software Engineering and Testing

             Definition of Quality

             Quality Assurance and Quality Control

             Verification and Validation

ISO & CMM certification and its use in context to software testing

  • Types of Testing

             Acceptance testing

             Accessibility testing

             Alpha testing

             Beta testing

             Bottom up testing

             Exploratory testing

             Integration testing

             Load testing

             Path testing

             Performance testing

             Portability testing

             Random testing

             Re testing

             Regression testing

             Sanity testing

             Smoke testing

             Stress testing

             Usability testing

             Volume testing

Assignment based on the previous lectures

Assignment Test (Objective and Descriptive)

  • Terms used in software testing

             Defect, Error, Bug, Failure.

Static Testing

             Walkthroughs, Reviews and inspection

             The Review Process

Requirement, Design and Code Reviews

  • Dynamic Testing
  • White Box testing

             Unit Testing/Micro Testing

             Module Testing/Macro Testing

             Integration Testing

             Black Box Testing

             Equivalence Class Partitioning

             Boundary value analysis

             Decision Table

             State Diagrams

             Use Case Based Exploratory

  • Test Plan, IEEE Std 829 Test Plan.
  • Bug life cycle
  • Bug Reporting process

Bug Reporting

Test Completion Criteria

Assignment based on the previous lectures

  • Test Case Writing Techniques

Assignment of writing test case on different application

  • Configuration Management

             Process and Working of Configuration Management term.

             Base lining, Check in, Check out, Change control

  • Exit Criteria.
  • Review manual Testing
  • Selenium-training-institute

What is duration and fees for this Course?

With approximate range between 2 to 3 months, there are more options like fast track training and online training options are also available. Fees is reasonable according to market and industry standards.

Who Should do this course?

Administrators, IT managers, architects, developers and anyone wanting to take advantage of software testing.

What is the scope of SQT?

Software Testing is undoubtedly driving the IT industry in today’s market. SQT being at driving seat, has ample of options in the industry.

What are the payment options available?

Different payment options are available suiting your needs. We accept credit cards, debit cards cheque cash , netbanking, money wallets.

Will I get a Job after the course? How?

With tieup through our job consultancy firm, SkyJobs, we make sure each and every candidate in placed with a top tier firm.

With guaranteed results from last 17 Years, we make you stand out in the market with hands on knowledge and better understanding of current scenarios in the market, in turn helping your to automatically get placed with MNCs.

Best SQT Training in Noida
  • Best SQT Training in Noida
  • Best faculty, classes are great